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For advertising opportunities on WDAY-TV, WDAY-AM RADIO, or EDAY-TV please contact:

Carol Anhorn
General Sales Manager - TV
Phone: (701) 241-5360

Banner Advertising

Half Page ad
300 x 600 pixels
* 30k file size limit
Large Format
300 x 250 pixels
* 30k file size limit
Mid-page ad
960 x 200 pixels
* 30k file size limit
Corner Peel
500 x 500 pixels
* 30k file size limit

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WDAY-TV maintains a local sales staff of 14 full-time account executives.

WDAY-TV's National Sales Representative is KATZ.

WDAY offers its clients and potential advertisers professional marketing, and advertising expertise while utilizing a variety of computer programs, including Broadcast Management Plus (BMP) and the Nielsen S.T.A.R. Report.

WDAY account executives have the ability to place advertising on WDAY-TV in Fargo, WDAZ-TV in Grand Forks or both stations simultaneously. Advertising on both stations gives the advertiser the advantage to target markets through the entire Fargo DMA.

Advertisers purchasing the WDAY/WDAZ combination give their advertising message access to the Canadian Cable System at no additional cost. In Winnipeg alone, more than 256,000 homes are wired into the cable system and receive our signal.

WDAY Radio 970AM

970 WDAY AM Radio, "Fargo's First Radio", first signed on the air in 1922.

With its' NewsTalk format, 970 WDAY, offers local news, weather and sports,mixed with local, regional and national opinion talk shows. If it's going on in the Red River Valley, listeners will be given the opportunity to talk about it on these or other locally produced talk shows.

970 WDAY is home to ABC Radio Network News, WDAY TV’s 5, 6 and 10PM newscasts and provides the latest on the weather with WDAY “Storm Tracker” Meteorologists providing information throughout the day, every day.